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Helping to harness energy from Mother Nature.


A Wind Farm Development & Consulting Company

The importance of wind energy.

Wind power can play a major role in meeting America's increasing demand for electricity, according to a groundbreaking technical report, 20% Wind Energy by the U.S. Department of Energy with contributions from the National Renewable Energy Laboratory, the American Wind Energy Association, Black & Veatch and others from the energy sector.

What is wind energy?

In reality, wind energy is a converted form of solar energy. The sun's radiation heats different parts of the earth at different rates - most notably during the day and night, but also when different surfaces (for example, water, and land) absorb or reflect at different rates. This in turn causes portions of the atmosphere to warm differently. Hot air rises, reducing the atmospheric pressure at the earth's surface, and cooler air is drawn in to replace it. The result is wind.

What makes Hill Country Wind Power unique?


The Wind Share


Hill Country Wind Power raises private capital for energy-related programs. While the wind energy arena is new and dynamic and its potentials are well noted, Hill Country Wind Power's engineering, meteorology and construction management staff closely monitor the latest rules of engagement to develop its wind properties.

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Government Benefits

We take full advantage of powerful government tax benefits. These regulations exist to help promote and advance the growth and development of alternative energy resources throughout the country. All tax benefits are subject to further restrictions and caveats, as detailed in a Confidential Private Placement Memorandum which is not available to the general public.

Wind Turbines in the Mountains

Landowner Benefits

Hill Country Wind Power works with landowners of all types, from rural families to landowning companies and government entities. We work together with landowners to create a mutually beneficial business relationship. Active wind turbines may provide landowners with a revenue source through lease and royalty payments.


We've put together a solid team of experts dedicated to serving the industry with creative and collaborative concepts that build winning results for everyone involved.

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