Landowner Benefits.

Extending your land even further.

  • Hill Country Wind Power works with landowners of all types, from rural families to landowning companies and government entities. We work together with landowners to create a mutually beneficial business relationship. Active wind turbines may provide landowners with a revenue source through lease and royalty payments.

  • Wind turbines and access roads only take up an average of 5% of your land. The other 95% remains open for the previous land uses.

  • Producing wind farms may help create jobs and tax payments for the local community, benefiting both landowners and towns. Hill Country Wind Power may pay for all wind assessment costs (if any) on our wind farm projects, with no out-of-pocket expense to the landowner.

If you own land that you believe would benefit from wind farm development, please fill out the form below. We will contact you after doing a preliminary wind power analysis, at no expense to you. Email our land acquisition team below or call (214) 367-5340.

The importance of wind energy.


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