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Wind Energy is Growing Fast

Source: Siemens

Wind is the fastest growing energy source in the world. Here in the US wind farms have popped up in more than 30 states, producing enough energy to power an estimated 2.5 million homes a day.

Times Square Video

Source: AWEA

An informative visual presentation about the power of wind energy created for broadcast in Times Square New York. Note: no audio accompanies this video.

Bristol Port - Wind Turbine Construction

Source: Ecotricity

A stunning new time-lapse video of the construction of 3 wind turbines at Bristol Port. The turbines produce over 15 million units of green electricity annually, enough to save around 13,000 tonnes of carbon emissions every year for the next 30 years.

Wind Energy in West Texas

Source: CBS Sunday Morning

Produced by Jason Sacca and Jason Sickles, Edited by Al Balisky.

Wind Power 2009 Conference

Source: AWEA

Midwestern Governors talk about the importance of the Renewable Electricity Standard and wind power in their home states at the WINDPOWER 2009 Conference & Exhibition in Chicago.

The Energy Report - 03/08/10: Afternoon Edition

Source: Clean Skies News

Susan McGinnis anchors this afternoon's Clean Skies News Energy Report from Washington, DC.

AWEA CEO Bode on Renewable Energy Grants

Source: AWEA

AWEA CEO Dense Bode welcomes the Treasury Department’s action to get renewable grant funds flowing. The Treasury Dept. has announced procedures for the grants, a step that will help wind developers get new projects started.